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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week beginning 7th March




We are moving on to looking at measurements this week. Today we are going to be looking at measuring different items around the classroom. 

Practical activity for today - using a tape measure or a ruler - whatever you have got to hand. Can you find 5 items to measure in millimetres, 5 items to measure in centimetres and 5 items you might choose to measure in metres. 



Today we are concentrating on our reading so can you have a look at our poem - read it again and then answer the questions below. 


  1. I relaxed as it then snuggled up for a sleep. Explain why the poet felt relaxed at this point.
  2. Summarise how the poet felt about their visit to the Stone Age using 25 words or fewer.



We are continuing to look at what our bodies need to be healthy. We thought about whether we had a balanced diet last week but we are going to consider what our food is made up of. What does each item of food do for us. 


Have a look at the video and worksheet on the link here





Today we are going to move on - now that we have got use to our ruler and the different measurement we can use, if we have very small to very big things to measure. 

We need to find out how many of each measurement make the next one. 


There are 10mm (millimetres) in 1 cm (centimetre). There are 100 cm in 1 m (metre). Again use your tape measure - can you see if you can give the measurement in two different units. 


For example - my pencil is 56mm long or 5.6cm long. 

Can you give 5 things in mm and cm and 5 things in cm and m? Maybe you could be one of the things? 



Today we are starting to look at our new text. We have a piece called skeletons and muscles - it is a non-chronological report. This means we need lots of different shapes for us to learn. Below are the shapes we are looking at: 


Because we are working with a non-chronological report we have different areas in our text - things like headings. Each paragraph does have a job in non-fiction writing though. So today can you match up the symbols above with the bits of the text below. Have a read and draw on the correct symbols. 



One of the longest lasting monuments from the Stone Age was Stonehenge. Built in Neolithic times it took over 1000 years to fully build and they did it without cranes or power tools. Follow the link here to find out more information about the monument. Can you explore Stonehenge and make a short fact file on the things you learn. 





Today we are swimming so wont be doing any maths today so use this time to practice those times tables on ttrockstars



We are still looking at the different shapes and sections within a non-chronological report. Below is all the different shapes we will find in the non-chronological report. Can you link them to the right sections of the report. 


We have mixed up our report below - as a second task can you reorder the sections and put the report in the right order. 



We are going to be having our first look at DT today - our topic is linked levers. We are going to be using linked levers. Using 4 evenly sized rectangles of cardboard or paper, some pins and a picture can you link them together with pins to make a moving picture. We are investigating today, so using the picture below can you make a moving picture.