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Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweetshop

Title:  Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop.

Author: Rupert Kingfisher

I had this book as a Christmas present from Auntie Kate.   I like the cover and the title.  I think that the title made Auntie Kate buy it for me.  On the front cover, I like the patterns. I have not read any of the other Madame Pamplemousse books, but I would like to.  They sound really good.  The titles of the other ones are similar to this one.


This story is about Madeleine eating enchanted truffles and falling into a different world.  She tries to get out with Madame Pamplemousse, and Cambert.  I would say it is an adventure story.  On the pages, there are little pictures. There are two main characters.  They are Madeleine and Madame Pamplemousse.  Madeleine is lovely and friendly.  Madame Pamplemousse is brave and clever.  In one part, Madeleine was thrown out of a high tower, heading for a mermaids mouth.


The book is set in today’s world, but in Paris. This does not make a difference to me enjoying it. The scene at the start of the book is a street.  In this street is the enchanted sweet shop.   The street is a bit like our street, but in my imagination.  It is a lot more colourful.


I would describe the writing style to be modern and simple.


I liked this book a lot, partly because it was adventurous and partly because it is to do with sweets.


Reviewed by Lanie