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HW Due in 08/04/22

Spelling: Words with the common letter string ’acc’ at the beginning of words.


Number, Ratio and Algebra: p. 11, 12, 13 Proportion and Ratio



Grammar: p.14 and 15 Adverbs




Felix's Fall


1. Where di Baumgartner jump from?


2. He reached a speed faster than that of a jumbo jet

Explain how comparing Baumgartner to a jumbo jet helps the reader to understand his speed.


3. What does the word feat mean in the text?


danger       forfeit      failure      stunt


4. Baumgartner could have suffered oxygen starvation...

What does the word starvation tell you about the amount of oxygen available?


5. How high is the Armstrong Limit?


6.  How do you think Joe Kittinger felt as he sat in the control room?

Explain your answer using evidence from the text.  (3 marks)