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Thursday 18th June


Please visit the White Rose Maths website and look at 'Summer Term - week 8' for this week's work. Today, we are looking at lesson 4, which is about miles and kilometres. 

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Activity 4: making a toolkit for persuasion 

Before we start thinking about our own ideas for advertising our gadget, we need to look closely at the text and see what writing tools/tips/tricks the author has used so we can do the same in ours. 


★ Below I’ve given you a list of all the key tools for persuasion plus one example. Go back to the text and find at least one example from the text and add them to the toolkit below. See if you can think of a similar example that you could use in your own writing.  
To persuade our reader we can... 

Hook the readerstart with a question or exclamation to tempt your reader in - Do you always feel bored? 
Use imperative/bossy verbsBuy now!  

Talk to the reader2nd personWould YOU like to be … 

Boast The finest gadget … 

Include testimonials/quotationsAs recommended by Harry Kane… 


Have a look at the attached sheet called "A Different Kind of King?". Choose two of the statements from the sheet about Jesus' impact on the world. Which two might a Christian say are the most important? Which do you agree with most and why? Which do you disagree with most?