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A Boy Called Christmas

A boy called Christmas

By Matt Haig

A boy called Christmas is an action packed book that is set in Finland with joy and disaster for the main character Nicolas.

Nicolas was a wonderful 11 year old boy but have had some awful experiences that have kept him down but the little happiness has tried to push back .  He lives in the 2nd smallest cottage in Finland with 1 room it was his bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Although he didn’t have a bathroom just a pit in the ground outside.

One day a mysterious figure turned up at Nicolas and his Fathers door, this was exiting as they never got any visitors but this stranger turned out to bring something bad to him, actually many bad things. His father told Nicolas that he had to go for a few months and Nicolas got to stay with his wicked Aunt Carlotta.

One day after 4 months with Carlotta he went, he went to find his father and went towards the very large mountain. Obstacles of life and death and got to Elf-helm  through Father Vodol, through ups and downs, left and rights, backs and forwards. To Father Christmas.

Does he make it? Will he be good enough? Does he survive? All this and more to be discovered in this whirlwind adventure through Christmas.

 If you are a bit more easily scared or sad this isn’t the book as some depressing parts might set off the hardest of people. Although, this is a very classic Christmas-y book. This is my favourite Matt Haig book and if you read this then you will see why.

I think this book would be for 8+ as the book is more mature. This book would set anyone to sleep having dreams about what might happen next. Any age would love it with so many cliff- hangers and won’t be able to put it down.