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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Wednesday 9th March


We are starting a new writing unit today! We will be using the ancient Greek myth of Icarus to help us to write our own version of this 'warning' tale. We have attached a simple version (below) if you'd like to read the myth first. 


Today is a sentence stacking day so you will need to split your paper into a 'thinking side' and a 'writing side'. We are going to be writing sentences to begin our warning tale. 



Learning chunk 1 - Dialogue to show character

Our first chunk of writing is going to set the scene - why they're there, the climate etc. We also need to introduce the characters. Icarus is arrogant and grumpy whereas Daedalus is positive (at the start). 


Gather negative and positive reporting clauses/'said' words:

  • Negative - e.g. groaned, moaned, muttered, snapped, said grumpily
  • Positive - e.g. agreed, laughed, bubbled, encouraged, smiled, said cheerfully


Learning chunk 2 - Complex sentence -ing, -ed

  • Collect subordinate clauses for things you do when you're fed up - e.g. heaving a sigh, blowing out a breath, frowning, creasing face into a frown.
  • Gather 'neutral' past tense verbs for 'looked' - e.g. looked, saw, stared, glanced. 


Learning chunk 3 - Repeated questions 

  • Collect positive things that they could do/hope for - e.g. escape, live freely, sail away, fly away, find someone to help, find a way off the island. 



Learning chunk 1  - Dialogue to show character

Teacher model: "We've been hiding for ages, Father," moaned Icarus. "Can't you just invent something to get us out of here?"

"You're probably right," his father, Daedalus agreed. "It is a long time since we built that labyrinth for King Minos."


Learning chunk 2 - Complex sentence -ing, -ed

Teacher model: Heaving a sigh, Daedalus stared up into the sky. 


Learning chunk 3 - Repeated questions 

Provided sentence: Icarus - young and strong - was now collecting seagull feathers from the sand. Daedalus stopped. Was it possible? Could they just fly away? 

Teacher model: If__, if__, if__, then___.

If they could escape, if they could find somewhere new, if they could simply fly away, then their new lives could begin. 


For today's lesson, we will be learning how to subtract a mixed number from a mixed number. Click here to watch the video lesson and then have a go at the questions attached below. smiley