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Thursday 11th November



We are starting to look at 'Journal' or 'Diary' writing today. We are going to explore how this is a much more informal style of writing, where we can make it much more personal or emotive than in a 'Newspaper Report'. 

To get an idea of what life was like during World War One, we'd like you to explore these websites:


Today we are going to be doing some research and taking some notes. Tomorrow, we will be writing our journal entry, but for today we would like you to decide whether you are going to write as a soldier on the front line or as somebody back home in Britain, working on the home front. 
Then, can you please take notes and plan out what your day might look like - what would you have to do at different points in the day? How might you be feeling? What or who would you be worried about? You might like to set up a planning page like we would do in class, gathering different ideas and vocabulary. It could look like the one below, but it doesn't have to!


Today we will be using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve multi-step problems. Click here to watch a video lesson to help you with multi-step problems. Have a go at the multi-step problems attached below. 


We will be learning about Remembrance Day in our history lesson today. Use the links below to find information and videos about Remembrance Day. 

What is Remembrance Day?

Why is it important? 


We would like you to create a Remembrance Day information text/page/poster. Key questions to answer:

  • Who are we honouring on Remembrance Day? 
  • When was the first Remembrance Day held? 
  • When is Remembrance Sunday? 
  • What happens on Remembrance Sunday? 
  • Why do we see lots of poppies at Remembrance time? 

You can add illustrations or find a creative way to present your information! smiley