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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Set on 12th October


Times Tables Rockstar practise as usual please.  Your times tables will be crucial over the next two weeks as we move into doing long multiplication and division.


Arithmetic Book - you have a choice for homework this week - you can either do page 13 and 14 (Short Multiplication) OR  pg 15 and 16 (Long Multiplication).  You will be covering this work in class this week so you may wish to wait until after you have done it to try the homework.  Please use the method set out in the book as this is what you will be taught in school.

(You can, of course, do all four pages if you wish.)




Please use your PUNCTUATION book to do pages 4 and 5 - these focus on the correct use of exclamation marks and question marks.  This should be revision as we are expecting to see these punctuation marks used correctly all the time!



There are a new set of challenge words awaiting you on Spelling Shed.  Please practise them regularly.

There will be a test next Thursday on some of the words you have learned so far this half term.  You may wish to practise the words you've already had as well as this week's if you get chance.


Please take care with the presentation in these books.  You need to use neat, joined handwriting at all times please.