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Monday 8th February


Below are the weekly spellings.  Well done for joining our hive last week.  I will add another hive test on Friday.


Welcome to this week's maths!  We are continuing on division - same standard method but with 4 digits this week.  The video will show the change from methods with counters to standard method and also what to do with exchanges.  There are NO remainders in the work on Monday and Tuesday - so if you get a remainder - check your work through carefully.

Remember to use a times tables square to help you - it's important that you get the method right so using a times table to make sure you get the method and the answer right is an excellent idea.

For Monday and Tuesday, there will be a straight forward page of calculations if you wish to practise the method alone.  You might decide to do a few of these and then move on to the other examples which use the same skills in different contexts.

We'll be doing some in the Zoom each day so you if need to go over them then there'll be plenty of chances.

If you are struggling to see the video link that shows the way day and night happen in the second video, it has the same content as a version on the BBC bitesize website.  The link for it is below.