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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 19th November


This week is Anti-Bullying Week and we have been discussing what bullying is and what to do if it happens to you or a friend.  Below is the assembly we will be using in class to have a look at.





We are onto the next stage of our speech - imagining the future.

Come up with as many similes as possible to describe the warriors from our side of the battle.  Think about positive intent.  For example:  a silver sea, a silver serpent etc.


Next, collect idea about where the Anglo King will return if he his victorious. For example:  feasting in the great hall, celebrating with his kingdom etc.


Finally, think back to our experience day.  Collect negatives words to describe the captives and positive words for the victors.


For example:  captured, begging, smothered....  feasting, rejoicing, dancing...


Look back at the model text to help you write the next section of your speech.

Below are the notes and the guided write we did together in class.  You may find this useful:




Think back at the work we did last week about what might the qualities of the messiah be? 

I would like you to create a wanted poster for the messiah. Imagine you are waiting and searching for your saviour.

Ensure that there is a link to each of the Messianic expectations: for example, wears a crown, holding a family tree with King David marked on it, birth certificate with place of birth as Bethlehem etc.

You might find the resource sheet below helpful: