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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Friday 11th March

Road Safety

Today we are having visitors into class to talk about Road Safety. They are going to talk about some of the things to consider when travelling near or on roads. 

At home, we would like you to use the Think! website to play a game (click here) and to find out some information about staying safe near roads.

Could you produce a brightly coloured and clear poster to share some of the rules for staying safe?


Today we are going to continue to explore the story of Icarus and Daedalus

We are going to be stacking sentences together today, building up to a full paragraph.


The first learning chunk today is going to be thinking about adverbs. What words can you come up with to describe how Daedalus was making the wings; was it patiently? Meticulously? Skilfully? How many different adverbs can you come up with?

Next, we are going to see if we can find a better verb to use than 'make'. 'Daedalus began to make the wings' could sound even better if we replaced 'make' with craft, create or assemble. What else can you come up with?

Our first model sentence today is: Masterfully and meticulously, Daedalus began to craft his beautiful invention – a huge pair of wings like those of the eagles soaring above. Can you rewrite and improve this sentence, using your own adverbs and verbs? 


Our second learning chunk will make us think about what Daedalus might have to do to create the wings. He might have had to cut the feathers, saw the frames or calculate weight. What else will he have done? If you are really clever, you may even be able to use some alliterative words - like craftily cutting or sneakily sawing. 

Our model sentence is: He worked all day and all night: cleverly cutting feathers; sneakily sawing his frames; meticulously measuring arm-spans and daring to dream of escape.  Pay careful attention to the punctuation used when you are coming up with your own sentence.


Our final learning chunk will make us feel similar emotions to Daedalus. What might he be worrying about? Maybe the feathers will snap or the frames will be too heavy... What else can you come up with? How do you think Daedalus will be feeling? Maybe we could use some personification of nature to help us show their emotions. If Daedalus feels positive, we could say The seagulls laughed or The sun smiled. However, if he is feeling a bit negative, maybe The sun was covered by clouds or The gulls cried in anguish. What else can you come up with? Can you rewrite this model sentence with your ideas: 

The gods above seemed to be on their side: the sun smiled when things were going well, and tears fell from the sky with each feather broken.