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Wednesday 3rd February

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm. We are going to be concentrating on our English and Mr Bottomley has organised for a special guest in our zoom call, so have a look at our English task and log into our zoom - it will be very exciting and useful. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.



Today, can you please read chapter 18 of War Horse and then have a go at answering these questions.


  1. Why did Joey describe the days that followed as ‘Euphoric’? What did he mean by this?


2. Why did the war begin to fade from Joey’s memory?


3. Why do you think Joey was treated like a celebrity by the other soldiers? 


4. Why didn’t Joey get better as he should have? Describe in detail what was wrong with him, quoting from the chapter.


5. How had Albert’s Dad changed after he sold Joey to the army? Does this change your opinion of him?


6. Why did Albert fetch Major Martin?


7. What do you think is going through Albert’s mind at this point?


8. What did Major Martin once say to the soldiers about the horses? Quote from the chapter?


     9. Why do you think David reminded the Major of this?


10. Why was Joey put into a sling?


     11. How did Joey show Albert that he was better?


(40 minutes)



Can you fill in the missing words below, using words from this weeks' spelling list. The ones that don't fit can be put into their own sentences. 


(20 minutes)



As we mentioned yesterday, we are going to be joined on our Zoom call today by a Giantologist called Dr Hugh Joger. He is joining us at midday to answer as many questions as he can about giants. He is a regular source of information to Yew Class, giving yearly talks or Q&A sessions with the class.


However, before we can begin to question him, we need to learn some background information and come up with some questions. 


There are many different types of giant, such as the Lava Giant, Cloud Giant and Ice Giant, but Dr Joger is going to be focusing mainly on 3 types of giant today:

  • Rock Giant
  • Forest Giant
  • Lightning Giant


He will give each of you an opportunity to ask a question, but actually you will need to gather as much information as you can during our Zoom call. Before we start our Zoom call, you need to decide which of the 3 giants you are going to focus on this week (there are some pictures below).

Then set out your page ready to gather as much information as you can. Think about what paragraphs you are going to include in your report - this could include appearance, diet, habitat, offspring or many more. 

Once you have set out your page ready to add information to, I'd like you to think up and write down at least 3 questions you would like to ask Dr Joger about your giant type. 

In our Zoom call today, make sure you write down as much information as you can about your type of giant, as this will be vital when it comes to writing our reports.


(30 minutes + Zoom)



We have decided today we are going to have a bit more practice on finding percentages of amounts. Our method of using building blocks to get to our target is working great (from what we have seen and heard over zoom). We wanted to give you one more day of practice before we had a go on mymaths on Thursday. 


With that in mind below are some questions for you to have a go at. There are 4 sections, they get trickier as they go along, see where you can get to.

Section C


  1. If Bobby went to the shop and there was a 25% sale. He was going to buy a top for £22.
    1. How much does Bobby save?
    2. What is the new price of the top?
  2. If Sarah went to the shop and there was a 15% sale. She was going to buy 7 CDs for £60.
    1. How much does Sarah save?
    2. What is the new price of the CDs?
  3. Tommy saves £860 in his account.  He spends 20% on clothes and 35% on trainers.  How much money does he have left?
  4.  A pair of trousers costs £35 and a hoodie costs £40.  Both items are reduced in the sale by 25%.  Billy buys them both.  How much does he spend?
  5. A coat costs £56 it is reduced in the sale by 15%.  How much does it cost now?


Section D

  1. Would you rather sit in a traffic jam for 33% of 2 hours or 44% of 1 hour 40 minutes? Explain your answer.
  2. These shoes are 35% off in the sale. They are now £32. How much were they originally?
  3. Would you rather have 10% of £5 or 20% of £3.00? Explain your answer.

  4. Which of these is the odd one out?

    40% of 900

    90% of 400

    60% of 850

    25% of 1440

    Explain your answer.


(50 minutes)



Today we have a double challenge, depending on how long each task takes you might get both done or just one completed really, really well. 


We have obviously been looking at adaption and evolution this half term and we have covered a lot, including how Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. We looked at how fossil remains from millions to hundreds of millions of years ago help us decide what animals back then might have looked like, before finally how animals that are alive today are adapted perfectly to their environment. 


Thinking carefully about our knowledge on adaption, I have attached some images of different environments below.  So today we have two choices:


1. Could you design a new animal/creature that will be perfectly adapted to a certain environment. Draw your creation and label explain all the characteristics it would have to survive and thrive in that place. Don't forget to label the environment and give it a name. 


2. Can you take an animal that we already know and change its environment. What would it need to adapt or evolve to make it successful in a new place. Again draw your creature, tell us the environment and label and explain the characteristics that would make it now well adapted to its surroundings. 


If you are having trouble thinking about how your creature should be adapted to be successful, then have a look at the bbc website here for some inspiration. 

If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.