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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 14th May


Your spelling task is attached below, can you cross the words on your spelling list where there is a repeating letter. 


Back to the Book of Hope today. We are going to be looking at the story entitled 'How I Fainted in Front of the Queen'. Can you read the short story and answer the questions below.


1. The author uses an ellipsis quite often in the writing, why does he do this? What affect does it have on you when you are reading it? (2 marks)

2. What is a cassock? It says he has to wear one while singing? (1 mark)

3. The author uses a dash four times in the paragraph beginning 'That's what happened to me.' to create parenthesis. What other punctuation could they have used instead? (1 mark)

4. How do you think the boy felt when he realised he had fainted in front of the Queen? (2 marks)


Today we are going to use our notes from yesterday and write up our diary account as if we are Auggie. Your diary entry will probably be between half a page and a page long and it will include some of the events and feelings he had between pages 35 and 53 in Wonder. 


It was a big day in the life of Auggie it was the most 'normal' day in his life as well as the most 'extraordinary'. Going to school is something most kids had done for 5 or 6 years yet he had never been. 


So remember what we learnt when writing in first person and think about including the events on your time line that you think at the most important and the feelings and observations he had while doing them. 


I have attached the 'Diary of Stanley' written after reading Holes to help you choose the right vocabulary and tense to put it in. 


Today we are recapping how to find fractions of amounts. We practice this all the time in school so hopefully it wont take too long to remember. As always there are videos to help on the White Rose and BBC Bitesize websites. They are there to help you so make sure you use them, the BBC Bitesize video might be better as we will be using their activity which is attached below. 14/5/20 lesson 4 - week 4


Remember to find the fraction of an amount, we divide by the bottom (denominator) and times by the top (numerator). 

So to find 3/8 of 56 we would do 56 divided by 8 = 7 then take our answer and times it by the top. 7 x 3 = 21. Meaning 3/8 of 56 = 21


Today we are going to look at some RE. Today we are going to look at forgiveness and how it easy it is to forgive people. 


Firstly I want you to take a minute and think to yourselves, in the last seven weeks has there been a moment where you have had to forgive someone and has there been a time where you have had to ask for forgiveness. Whether that is from a sibling, a parent or a relative. 


Second task is below, there are 6 captions, that tell you a little scenario. All you have to do is read the scenario and give a mark out of 10 (1 being very easy and 10 being very hard) as to how hard it would be to forgive that person? Give your score and then a little reason as why. See if older siblings or parents in your house, would give the same score.