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Monday 14th February


We are going to be exploring conjunctions today. Conjunctions are 'joining' words, which can help us to link information. Watch the lesson here to learn a bit more about conjunctions and their role within a sentence.

Then I would like you to choose the best conjunction to link 2 of the sentences below. Take one sentence from each column and write them out with the most appropriate conjunction between them. You can choose from:

although, while, because, if, when. 


Today we are looking at fractions once again! There are a number of activities set on MyMaths that can be completed at any point across this week, so make sure you pop on and have a look at those. Remember - if there is an area you are finding tricky on there, make sure you watch the online lesson which will help to guide you through the activity. 


Today, we would like you to learn how to add fractions. To start with, we will add some smaller fractions to give us answers less than 1. Watch the video here and then have a go at the worksheet below.


We are going to learn a bit more about Roy Lichtenstein today and have another go at recreating his style of Pop Art. 

Last week, we all had a go at recreating his 'Girl with Hair Ribbon' painting, using his unusual technique of colouring with 'dots'. Today, we would like you to have a go at creating a cartoon character of your choosing to colour in his style. 

Read the powerpoint below and then choose a cartoon character you like. Have a go at drawing their outline and then use dots to colour your character. They could have the same colours as usual, or you could be creative!