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Home Learning

Home Learning For Friday 17th February

Sorry I didn't get a chance to wish you all a great half term.  Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful time.


Below is some work to have a go at today.  If you have any problems, email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



One area that we still need a bit of practise on in Maths, is measures.  Watch the video below, and have a go at the appropriate questions.  There are three different levels.




If you finish these questions quickly, have a practise at an arithmetic paper! The more we see the types of questions, the easier they get.  Remember: copy down the question carefully, check the operation and don't panic!


Using the picture below for inspiration, write a short story, diary entry, or letter to a friend.  Remember to use all of the writerly choices we talk about in class, and to try and show off some higher level punctuation and sentence structure, such as semi colons and complex sentences.

  • What can you see in this picture? Look for the details you think others may miss.
  • Why is the hut on chicken legs? Does it move? Who controls it?
  • Who is the person in the doorway? What are they doing? Do they want to be inside this hut?
  • Why is there a tiger in the foreground? Does it live here? Is it owned by someone or is it wild?
  • Imagine you discover this place on a walk in the woods. How would you feel? What would you do?
  • What kind of story would this setting best fit into?
  • Consider the atmosphere you want to create and choose your language and structure carefully.


Next term in PE, you will be doing dance.  To get ahead, have a look at the BBC webpage below.  There are some great ideas for different styles of dances.  Have a look at the dances and have a go at practising the moves.  You might be able to use some of these in your own dances after half term.

Home Learning Thursday 17th February:



In Maths, we will be revisiting finding fractions of amounts.  Watch the video link below, then answer the following questions.  If you want more practise, there are further sheets to have a go at.


Worksheet (Three Levels - Choose those that you are happiest to try)


Today is a revision about subordinate clauses.  Watch the PowerPoint presentation (there is no sound) then have a go at writing your own sentences using a range of subordinating clauses.  Use the pictures below to give you some inspiration.



Still image for this video

Home Learning for Tuesday and Wednesday 15th and 16th February


If you have your Victorian story at home, then please continue to work on publishing it.  We will be adding illustrations and working on the front cover and blurb over the next couple of days and then sharing our stories once they are complete.  Although you are in isolation (!), is there anyone you could share your story with?

If you need to collect your English book from school, please do let us know and we can leave it in the office for someone to collect.


We will be focussing on SATs style questions over the next couple of days.  Below there is a Knowledge Organiser that tells you all the areas of maths we need to cover for the tests.  Have a look to remind yourself of what we've covered so far.  There are also some quizzes below. These are focussed and will test your knowledge of what we've done so far.  Try a few.  You DON'T need to do all of them!



Tuesday afternoon would be computing.  We have been looking at Scratch.  If you are able to get onto Scratch, then see what coding you can do.  There are lots of min-projects available.  If you get onto Scratch and look in the 'Ideas' section at the top of the screen (Where it says 'Create, Explore, IDEAS') then you will find lots of mini-projects to do.

Wednesday afternoon will be history.  We are coming to the end of the unit so we would like you to think about an answer for this title: 

The Victorian Era - The best of times or the worst of times?

Think about what you have learnt through our English about workhouses and what it was like to be poor, what we learned in Guided Reading about inventions, railways and life in general.  You have also learned about aspects of the Empire with Mrs P in class.

Use all that you know to try to answer the question. You can type this and email it in or if you're feeling creative, you could do a PowerPoint presentation and find some pictures to illustrate your points.