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Homework set Wednesday 29th March 2023

Easter Holiday Homework

There will be new spellings on Spelling Shed for you to learn over the holidays - there will be a test on them the first day back.


For your other homework, we are asking you to have a try at some SATs style questions to prepare you for May.

Each of you has a log on to the website below and we have looked at this in class.  You can log in and do the questions on the computer (you can do any working out that you need to on a piece of paper!) the computer will mark your test and let us know how you got on.  This means we'll be able to help with those tricky areas coming up to the actual tests.  The questions are on different areas of the maths curriculum.  The only things we need to cover after Easter are shape and position and direction, so if you feel like giving yourself a challenge, have a go at the shape one and see how much you know already!

There are also some other papers and types of question for you to do.  The link is also below.