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The Lighthouse

We have had a busy first week back in Literacy. We have created some super art, based on our story The Lighthouse.

We have also been using the thesaurus to find some great vocabulary to use in our writing. We have already created poems, using this language.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse
Sturdy, unbreakable
Happily, calmly, brightly
Staring, beaming, glistening, piercing.

The waves
Big, powerful
Sparkly, angrily, roughly
Crashing, thrashing, bashing, smashing.

The ship
Huge, heavy
Quickly, carefully, noisily
Bobbing, rolling, lurching, searching.

By Lucy


The Lighthouse

Still, tall
Strongly, brightly, helpfully
Dazzling, shining, watching, guiding.

By Tilly


The Lighthouse

Colssal, brave
Silently, successfully, brightly
Guarding, spotting, saving, helping

Strong, powerful
Boldly, noisily, aggressively
Charging, crashing, bashing, wrecking

Strong, heavy
Loudly, bravely, elegantly
Sailing, gliding, cutting, swerving.

By Miles