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Monday 1st February



Today we are looking at using the multiplication symbol and working out the totals using pictures. 


Remember to look at the different numbers and think about what they represent in the pictures. 

Multiplication sentences using pictures

Multiplication sentences using pictures" by White Rose Maths.

Y2 Maths Challenges 

If you would like to challenge yourself, there are some great challenges below that involve using your reasoning and problem solving skills. You could answer one/two of these on paper or in your home learning exercise book smiley


This week's spelling rules: These words are homophones or near homophones. They have the same pronunciation but different spellings and/or meanings.

Please practise this week's spellings using the sheet below. 


LQ: Can you identify parts of a sentence? 

LQ: What are the different sentence types? 


Recap: What is a noun/ verb/ adjective? 


Where is my yellow hat? 

Underline the adjective and the noun. What sort of sentence is this? A: Question. 


What a beautiful day it is today! 

Underline the adjective and the noun. What sort of sentence is this? A: Exclamation.


(Recap on the fact that exclamation sentences begin with How or What and end with an exclamation mark.) 



Commands- Tell someone what to do and usually begin with the verb. 

Open the door. (please)

Write the sentence. 

Listen to the music. 


Underline the verbs in the sentence. 


Practise/ Apply:  

Which sentence is a command/question/exclamation/statement? 


How lovely to see you!

Make your bed please. 

I like dancing and singing. 

When is it lunchtime? 


The booklet below contains this week's activities. Each task is designed to help the children practise and develop the skills we have been working on in class. There are reading comprehension, spelling, phonics and grammar activities. There is also an extension suggestion for each task.


For those children than are still coming into school, please can I ask that you use the days of the week order to guide your learning, as you will also be doing these tasks in school on the days that you are in.  


For those learning at home full-time, you can choose which day you would like to do each activity. smiley