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Monday 22nd March

Good morning, 


We have a change to the ordinary schedule today as we have parents meetings from 1 today. We have a little maths or reading help session between 10:30 and 11:00 today, so drop in if you need help with anything. Our class zoom is going to be between 11:00 and 12:00. 



We are going to have an interactive PE lesson today. Normal class Zoom username and password from 9 until 9:30 - we will be doing a little workout and playing some games to get us active this morning. 


If you can't join us at 9 then there is always the youth sports trust website where you can find some solo challenges and some competitive games to challenge those in your household. 



As we have a slightly shorter session today due to Parent's Afternoon/Evening, I have pre-recorded the second part of Clockwork. You can watch it here

Once you have had a listen to the story, I would like you to put the events from the sheet below in the correct order.

Now, can you look back at the ordering task you completed on Friday. You will see that some events occur on both days! This shows what a clever writer Philip Pullman is, as he is able to link two separate storylines together, almost like two cogs being connected inside a clock! 

When we are back in school together on Thursday, we are going to begin thinking about writing our own story which will link two storylines. 

Do you know any other stories where two separate storylines become interconnected? 

Maybe you could share some of them later on at 11am when we meet on Zoom?


However, I would like you to predict what will happen next in our story. Think carefully about where Prince Florian may be, and what effect his singing may have.

Have a go at writing the next paragraph or two of the story - you might want to try to impersonate the style of Philip Pullman! Think carefully about whether or not you think this part of the story will be tense or will it relieve some of the tension?



Your job today is to get yourself familiar with your new spellings. We will test last weeks' spellings when we are back together on Thursday. This week we are looking at words starting with 'acc'. 



Can you write a definition for all of them? What do they all mean? And how can the be used in a sentence? 



Another chunk of Holes today, we are going to read chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15. We find out much more about the stories connected to Stanley. Below are five questions for you to have a go at. Bring the answers along to our zoom call. 


  1. Why was it an inappropriate place for Stanley to mention wanting to work for the F.B.I?
  2. How had Stanley’s body changed since arriving at Camp Green Lake? (Chapter 13)
  3. How did X-ray show his appreciation to Stanley after he had given him the interesting object he had found?
  4. What did Stanley find surprising about the warden?
  5. At this point in the story, what do you think the warden is looking for?



Continuing with ratio today, two activities for you to have a go at again. First, try our normal sheet and video, then a couple of challenge questions for you to test yourself with. 


It is important you watch the video today as there is some important information on how to calculate the ratio, so watch that here. We start to get into some word problems today so read the questions really carefully and think about what you are being asked to do. 

If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.