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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Trull CE VA Primary School Curriculum Statement


At Trull Church of England VA Primary School, we are committed to high quality teaching and learning to raise standards of achievement for all children. We recognise that education involves children, parents, staff governors, the local community, the Diocese and the local authority, and that for optimum benefit, all should work closely together to support the process of learning.


We want children to be life-long learners, who are excited by challenge and gain joy from acquiring new skills and knowledge. At Trull CE VA Primary School we value every member of our community as a unique child of God and seek to demonstrate his love through our words and actions. These values underpin our school curriculum. We want to equip children for the future who are able to deal with the challenges of life and to be global citizens living in an interconnected world. We want our children to be outstanding in all areas and in all arenas, and are constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure it provides the motivation, the skills, and the level of challenge to achieve this aim.


The Trull CE VA Primary School curriculum is designed to help pupils:

  • To develop lively, enquiring minds together with a positive desire to learn, to question and discuss rationally and to apply themselves intelligently to tasks.
  • To experience the joy and satisfaction of creativity.
  • To consider the religious, spiritual and moral values of others, and to consider their own attitudes, values and beliefs
  • To acquire knowledge and skills relevant in a changing world to their adult lives at work and at leisure.
  • To understand the history and present condition of their own society and the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • To develop a sense of self-respect and individual worth, a capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults and the ability to live and work in co-operation with others.
  • To develop positive qualities of empathy and imagination and an appreciation of human achievement and endeavour.
  • Promote their self-esteem, self-worth and emotional wellbeing.


In our school this is interpreted as delivering a curriculum to our children that is motivating, exciting, real and relevant to their own lives and experiences. The curriculum ensures progression and challenge throughout the school within each subject area, with teachers developing knowledge and skills that build upon previous learning and knowledge. The same concepts are explored in a wide breadth of topics and through this ‘forwards-and-backwards engineering’ of the curriculum, students return to the same concepts over and over and gradually build a deeper understanding of them. We understand that learning is invisible in the short-term and that sustained mastery takes time.


Our units of work are carefully designed to develop a child’s level of knowledge and skill  day by day, week by week, year on year and it is constantly reviewed and evaluated. It is this relentless drive for excellence and our partnership with parents that that promotes outstanding achievement.


For more detailed information about subjects and curriculum coverage please see the document below which outlines the progression of subjects throughout the year groups. Your child's class page will also have more information on it and there are also many photographs on each of the class pages showcasing the work that goes on. 


These Apps can be downloaded from iTunes and may provide a fun and enjoyable way for you to help your child with Maths and English at home. Most of the Apps listed are free.