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Wednesday 23rd March


Today is our final sentence stacking lesson for our Icarus writing unit!



Learning chunk 1 - 

We would like you to 'show don't tell'.

  • When Icarus realises he is falling, how can we show how he is feeling through his actions? e.g. his grin vanished, his laughter stopped, he froze, his mouth stretched to a scream. 
  • Collect synonyms for terrified e.g. petrified, horrified, distressed, alarmed, distraught. 


Learning chunk 2 - 

Now, we need to keep the tension in our writing using shorter sentences. We are going to use a semi-colon to join two main clauses that could stand alone as two separate sentences (these sentences need to be closely linked).


Learning chunk 3 - 

  • We are going to start our final chunk with an emotion. Look back at the synonyms you collected for 'terrified'. 
  • Gather some 'If...' and 'If..., then...' sentences e.g. If only Icarus had listened to his father's warning. 



Given sentence: Icarus flew still higher. Closer to the deadly ball of fire, which was burning in the sky. 


Teacher Modelled Sentences:

Learning chunk 1 - Icarus' grin vanished. His mouth stretched into a scream. Terrified - Icarus began to fall. Down. Down. Faster and faster.


Learning chunk 2 - Daedalus reached out to grab his son. He missed; Icarus was moving too fast.  

*You can use a semi-colon instead of using a coordinating conjunction*

He missed because Icarus was moving too fast. 


Learning chunk 3 - Horrified, Daedalus dived towards the sea. Too late. If only Icarus had listened to the warning... 


Today, we are going to be learning how to use fractions as operators. Click here to watch a video lesson and then have a go at the questions below. smiley