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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 9th July


Away from shape today, looking at practicing our division. Working with remainders and fractions - remember we can use both easily. 

English for Monday and Tuesday's Groups

In school we have been looking at an artist called Rob Biddulph, he is an amazing illustrator and has been teaching us to draw cartoons. Check out his website if you haven't seen it. 


We are continuing with our own comic book strip today. Use the BBC bitesize website to help you set out your comic strip and think about what words need to be included for your reader to follow the story.  


Take your time with this, we will work on this for the next three days. Today you might be making a start at drawing our cartoon strip and think about its layout. 



Today, we would like you to practise some of the songs for our Leavers' Service. We will have 3 songs to perform, so try to have a go at each of them over the next 2 days.


The first song to practice goes to the tune of 'Waiting for my life to change', which you hopefully remember.

You can find the lyrics here:

The second song is called 'A Million Brilliant Things'. Unfortunately, we only have a small section to practise from, but it can be found here, in the songs section. Have a go so that you can learn the tune. I have attached the lyrics below.

Finally, could you please have a go at learning the song that has been written in class, which is based around the BBC Live Lounge cover of 'Times Like These'.

The lyrics can be found below, but here is a backing track to sing along to.