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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Fantastic Literacy

 Look out for examples of our wonderful literacy work on here, we will have a mix of our wonderful stories over the weeks look out for yours.

Harry Potter diary enteries - by Noah Coombe

Today I went too Diagon alley. I was there to buy a wand but when I was heading in that direction I was sidetracked by the wonderous Weasleys’ wizard weazes. On the outside was statue of one of them (but I can’t remember which) from the inside came the cheery voices of people pranking each other. The temptation was too great… 

When I walked in, the smell of sweets hit me. I could see someone vomiting into a bucket in the corner of the room. The loud booming voices of Fred and George echoed across the cheerful shop. Ron, who was standing next to me, was exploring the busy ally ways, jam-packed with sweets emitting the most wonderful smells. Fred and George were looking at their customers as if they were ordering them to spend a few galleons. Sparks crackled; nearly hitting the multi coloured carpet and flames danced illuminating the crowded stall. This place was hilariously hectic! Then I spotted Fred and George surveying the marble counters observing how convinced their customers looked that they were striking a worthwhile bargain.

I looked around the shop to see dragons infesting ovens scorching the food until it would taste tender. Excited customers waved never-ending cans of sherbet. Fireworks crackled like an explosion on a dark gloomy night. Someone stomped on a glittering marble and a terrifying blood chilling skull appeared above his head then disappeared.  Ka-pow went another firework. I sniffed to smell smoke wafting across the musty the air. Fred appeared next to me, excited delighted and scared I turned around to look into the ball of phrophercy. just then I heard a splitting sound and turned around to be enlightened on the situation. Lightening was shooting around and deathly cold droplets of rain were showering the shop. After ten hectic seconds it died down then vanished and everyone gawped in amazement. After purchasing my final items I grabbed Ron’s old tattered t-shirt and yanked him in the direction of the doorway. Excited and amazed, out of breath and delighted I decided to leave the ally.

That day was glorious, I am one hundred percent happy with my items (sticky trainers, self checking quill and explosion cans) tomorrow I will return to the alley and buy a wand seeing as I missed the opportunity today.

Opening of a Wishing Tale - How Polar Bears became White by Sophie 

Long long ago, way back polar bears were mousy brown, which meant that they had to hide in the deep, dark, gloomy, miserable caves other wise they would be hunted down to almost extinction like the blue whale. Being brown in the snow meant that they were an easy target to the hunters. Feeling threatened, worried and pursued, Polar bear wished and wished and prayed for him and his friends to be a gorgeous clean snow white so that they could camouflage and blend in but to also be spotlessly clean against the gleaming, sparkling and magical snow.
Unfortunately, no matter how much he prayed and wished nothing… absolutely nothing happened. Polar bear was discouraged. Then from the back of his head he remembered his grandfather telling him when he was only a cub that if you wish when the northern lights are out it might come true.


Build up for a wishing tale – How the Beaver got his teeth by James

Luckily he had an unusually bright idea. “Why don’t I dry some mud on my teeth so I can gnaw into the bark.”
Expertly he dived into the gloopy bog, filled his teeth with sticky, murky, boggy, mud and waited patiently for the mud to dry. Eventually he started to gnaw, starved and thirsty, hungry and fully of desire, he buried his teeth into the tree.
Unluckily his plan failed almost instantly, because the mud on his teeth dried deep down into the bright brown oak tree and stuck quicker than lightening striking into a tree, reducing it to dust.