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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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HW Due in 01/04/22

Spellings: Words with endings /shuhl/ after a consonant letter.


Geometry, Measures and Statistics.  Pages 32,33 and 34. Perimeter, Area and Volume.



Grammar.  Pages 24 and 25 - Clauses.




Set 6 - Test 6

1. Decide if each statement is true or false:

a) The first person in the lifeboat cut the roaps.

b) The narrator doesn't have any sons.

c) The family's cabin was in the stern of the ship.

The storm didn't damage the ship.


2. Look at the second paragraph of the text.  Why don't the sailors go back when the narrator calls to them?  Give two reasons.


3. Circle one word that best describes the waves:


heavy     misty     tall     rugged


4.  Look at the fourth paragraph of the text, beginning Yet the sense...

Which phrase in this paragraph suggests that the narrator is in a terrible situation?


5.  What do you think might happen next in the text?  Mention two things.


6.  Order the following events.


The narrator reassures his family of survival.

The narrator sees the final sailors abandoning ship.

The narrator catches a glimpse of land.

The narrator realises that they are stuck on the rocks.

The narrator's family become more hopeful.