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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Tuesday 28th April


Please read from page 261 - 272. Then answer this question - remember, it is worth 3 marks so you will need to think carefully about your answer and use plenty of evidence from the text to support your view.

1. Before the 'incident', how does the author build up tension to suggest something ominous might be about to occur? (3 marks)



Have a go at your spellings on Spelling Shed. Then complete this activity, finding the root words. 



We are continuing learning about angles today, looking at angles in quadrilaterals. Yesterday, you learnt that the angles inside quadrilaterals will always add up to 360 degrees. We will continue to apply this knowledge today, but this time looking at a variety of different shapes.  The activity can be found at . It is called Lesson 2 - Angles in regular polygons. 

Please can you watch the video, before having a go at the activity. 

Good luck!



Today, we would have been exploring and having some fun with shadow puppets! 

Your task is to choose your favourite story or nursery rhyme and to make some shadow puppets of the main characters. Use pencils, sticks or whatever you can find to make the handles so you can hold them in position, before exploring how you can tell the story.

Explore using torches, lights or sunlight to create shadows. Will it work better if you create the shadows on a sheet? On the floor? Onto paper? Investigate the best way to perform your puppet shadow show. We would love to see your finished products or even a video of your show! 



We are going to continue with our poetry today, exploring poetry about animals. 

Yesterday, we explored these two poems.

To start with today, I would like you to draw an image from either poem, using as much detail as you can find within the texts. Then, I would like you to arrange some of the lines of the text around your picture, thinking about where you could place the most appropriate extracts of the text. If there are any words you are unsure about, use a dictionary (either at home or online) to find out the meaning of these words.