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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 21st May


We will continue working with decimals today, but this time we will be converting between decimals and fractions. Remember - thinking about the column names can be really useful. For example, 0.3 could be described as 3 tenths. We know how to write 3 tenths as a fraction - it will be 3/10. We can also use this with fractions to 2 decimal places. For example, we know that 0.24 has 2 tenths and 4 hundredths. We could also think of it as having 24 hundredths. Therefore, we could write it as a fraction: 24/100. 

Head to White Rose Maths to watch the video (Lesson 4), then go to Bitesize for some activities.



We will be continuing with our City of Silence creative writing today. To begin with today, we will think about using some 'juxtaposition'. This word describes when a writer uses two opposite or contrasting ideas next to each other. This can surprise a reader, as they may not have been expecting it or might not be used to hearing those words together. The title City of Silence is actually an example of juxtaposition, because cities are usually places full of noise. Here are some other examples of juxtaposition:

The sun of darkness;

The dungeon of love;

The black hole of light;

The cave of brightness;

The prison of opportunity.


Today, I would like you to create a repeating phrase poem. Here are some examples:



It is up to you whether you want to use a different setting each time, or explore one setting a bit more fully. 


Once you have done that, hopefully you will be full of ideas about a setting. I want you to choose one setting that you have lots of ideas about and that you can imagine really clearly. Your main task for today is to write a descriptive paragraph about your setting. Try to describe the setting as if you, or a different character, were reacting to everything you can see, hear or smell. Keep re-reading your work and editing and up-leveling as necessary.

Here is an example that might help:



We will head over to Spelling Shed today to continue practising our spellings.

Well done to Fearne Edwards, Junior Bonilla and Jordana Odom who are leading the way so far this week. Can anybody break into the top three and earn themselves some honeypots?



Today we are going to explore some different ways of producing art. Firstly, click here to learn the difference between painting, collage and printmaking. Once you have learnt a bit about Portuguese artist Paula Rego, then head down the page to look at the different techniques. 

I would like you to choose one of the techniques to explore today. It would be brilliant if you could link your artwork to your writing you have been doing this week. Maybe you could choose one of your ideas from our City of Silence work and bring it to life using either paint, collage or printing. 



We are going to look at another new story today, but some of you may have read it before. Once again, have a look at the front cover and then read an extract from the story. Have a go at answering the questions.