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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday & Tuesday - Science 


Which animals live in the rainforest? How are they adapted for where they live? What do they need to survive: food, shelter and safety? 



Follow and read the Animal Fact File PowerPoint below to find out about a few of the animals that live in the rainforests of the world. Remember that 50% of the creatures on our planet live in the rainforests.


Using the blank sheet below as a guide, and example fact cards, make your own fact cards for one or more of the animals of the rainforest. You can use the PowerPoint for information or research your own animal using books or the Internet.


Please send us you work; we’d love to see it! 



The rainforest has distinct layers that provide the creatures that live there with different habitats. Use to PowerPoint below to find out what these layers are, and what kind of animals you may find there.


Think about how animals are adapted for the habitat they live in. You can either print the sheets then complete them to place animals in their habitats in the layers of the rainforest, or draw and label your own diagram.


You can keep your work safe in your home-pack exercise book and share it with us by email.

Wednesday - PE, Times Tables & Art 


As usual, please complete a PE activity. This might be a walk/cycle ride with your family, or you may prefer to find something online to follow like Joe Wicks. 


Please also practise your times tables today - you could use the multuiplication olympics sheets or TT Rockstars. 


For art, we would like you to get creative and make your own rainforest mobile! Click here for a link to help with making a paper mobile, which might help to start you off. You might have your own ideas to create a mobile, though, which is also fine. What could you include to make this a rainforest themed mobile? Can you think of any interesting ways to make animals? You could try some origami skills or maybe a paper chain for a snake! We'd love to see a picture of your mobiles. 


Here are a couple of ideas of what your mobiles might look like at the top, ready to start hanging things from. 

Thursday - RE


Today, we are continuing our work on Judaism. A set of rules called The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God for all Jewish people to follow. We would like you to find out what the  Ten Commandments are and write them out, in your best handwriting, on the stone tablet template below. If you can, discuss with somebody at home which rules you think are still good rules to follow today today.



Friday - PSHE/RSHE and French


For today's PSHE/RSHE lesson, we would like you to complete the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.


For today's French lesson, please watch the presentation below called "What's his name?" and complete the speech activity sheet. There are three difficulty levels with the activity sheet, so please choose 1 star (easiest) to 3 star (trickiest) - you do not have to complete all three! 



Finally, have a go at this quiz to find out what kind of bird you are! Let us know...!