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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Friday 26th February

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm. We will have a little look at our work then have a little bit of fun together. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.



Some missing letters for you today, we have taken out the trickiest sections of each word. Can you correctly replace the letters that are missing? 


e_ _ _ l

h _ _ _ t

rest_ _ _ _ nt

p _ _ _ mas

bun_ _ _ ow

ve_ _ _ _ a

ba_ _ _ _

bli_ _ _ _ d

g_ _ _ _ ana

or_ _ _ _


(20 minutes)




Today we will finish our SPAG unit by reflecting on what we have learnt this week and demonstrating the skills that we have picked up.


I would like you to produce a piece of writing for me today (typed or handwritten), telling me what you are looking forward to/are excited or worried about for the 8th March or beyond. You might choose to focus on something this summer or about someone/something you are hoping to see/do again in the future. 


However, the real challenge is to include all of the features we have looked at this week, including:

  • determiners
  • expanded noun phrases
  • fronted adverbials
  • pronouns
  • apostrophes (for possession and omission)
  • active and passive sentences (by changing the order or subject, verb and object)
  • modal verbs

If you need to, you can look back through your workbooks or rewatch any of the videos to refresh your memory. 

Once you have completed your piece of writing, please could you underline the different features in a different colour and produce a key to show me what each colour represents.

Please can you email in these pieces of writing as I would love to see what you have learnt this week, but also to find out how you are feeling about coming back! 


(45 minutes) 



We are concluding our unit of work around the Blitz today. We will review what we have learnt this week and start to think about what we can learn from the stories we have been reading recently, such as War Horse or other books we have read independently. 

We will also learn about other similar books that you might find interesting.

Watch the video here and complete the tasks set.


(30 minutes)



We have come to the end of our algebra unit of work, so today we have a couple of activities for you to have a go at using our knowledge of numbers and algebra. 


The first two are on documents below, the first gives you some information to help you get started while the second relies on you working out what the missing values are based on you knowledge of numbers. I will give you a hint any number times 0 is always 0. 

3 x 0 = 0

0 x 5 = 0

128 x 0 = 0


The last challenge is a bit trickier. Using the link, here, can you create a rule for the building of block stairs. Can you find out how many blocks you will need for 5 steps up and 5 steps down, 10 up and down or 52 steps up and steps down. 


(50 minutes)



Today, like every first Friday of a half term, we are going to do our cold task. This might be a great time to find your last piece in your exercise books at home and see how you did. We are going to do a similar activity today. 


Using only a piece of paper and a pencil, use your pencil to shade and sketch an item your house. You might like to use the same item as last time, thinking about which bits looked good, which bits didn't come out the way you had planned and how can we change that. We are using an ordinary item (not too complicated) to concentrate on the shading and shape. We will again choose between pine cones, leaves and some fruit, to keep our object simple, so we can concentrate on shape. 


Really spend some time and look at your item, we are looking for detail and accuracy. We will spend up to 45 minutes drawing our one item. We will use the time as a bit of mindfulness as well, putting some music on and sitting in an otherwise quiet space, away from screens and concentrate on the task at hand, you might like to do the same. 


(50 minutes)

If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.