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Thursday Daily Plan



Look at p.8 of your reading booklet.  Read the extract from Bill’s New Frock.


Try to answer questions 1 - 3 in your reading booklet.  I have included them below, if you do not have your booklet.


  1. What does the word ‘baffled’ in line 2 mean?  Use a dictionary to help.
  2. What do Bill’s mother’s comments about wearing dresses tell us about her attitude towards girls?
  3. Why do you think Bill doesn’t argue with his parents when they start treating him like a girl?




Imagine that you wake up one morning, and discover that you have changed.  It could be like Bill, that you are now a boy or a girl.  You might prefer to write about waking up and discovering that you are now a cat, or a dragon, or any other creature!


I would like you to write a diary entry for that day.  You are all brilliant at writing diary entries. Below are some of the ways we have made them great in class:


Toolkit for a diary entry.

  • Set it out as a letter:  Date, Dear Diary, sign off at the end.
  • Include a hook to start. Today was awful!  Today was amaing!
  • First person (use I)
  • Include feelings I am so confused, I was shaking like a jelly…
  • Fronted adverbials to show when and how.  In the morning, Late last night, Because he is a pain…
  • You can use chatty language.
  • Talk directly to the diary (like a friend).
  • Include paragraphs for different parts of the day.




My Maths

TT RockStars


There is a fantastic home learning lesson to accompany the worksheet below.  With an adult, check out the following link.  If you don't have access to a printer, you could talk through each question with an adult or older sibling.  Remember, you can also use your learning log to record any jottings or answers.


Today, I would like you to make your Easter garden.