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Week beginning 18th October



Maths - Today in maths we are looking at adding tens and ones. You can have a go at this at home as well. We have put some questions below for you to have a go at, remember to use pictures to help you. Mr Bond has worked one out using pictures so can you do the same. Our top tip is always add the ones first. (Parents the answers at the bottom.)





English - This week we are going to be writing a set of instructions on how to make a good friend - we are going to be thinking about this in RSHE tomorrow too. What makes a good friend, is it forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness? Or a love of sport, cars or animals? 


Today can you fill in the planning sheet below - what do you need to make a good friend (a pinch of kindness, a scoop of respect) and what order would you need to put them into the cauldron to mix. 

Spellings - We will be doing our spelling test today - is there someone at home that can test you on this week's spellings and give you a score out of 10? 

PE - you could spend some time outside (weather permitting!) doing some physical activity, or find a Joe Wicks (or similar) online workout to have a go at. 



Maths - Today we would like you to have a go on mymaths, we are practicing our adding of tens and ones. We have put 2 pieces of homework on mymaths to have a go at (Mixed sums over 100 and Sums crossing over ten). Find a piece of paper and use your pictures, number lines and counting backwards and forward to help you work them out. 


English - We are going to continue with our instruction writing today, breaking it down. Today we are only going to be looking at our Hook and What you need sections. Use your plan to help you write your instructions. Below are the first two sections of my instructions on how to bake a cake use these to help you write yours. I have highlighted the sections that we decided are important in all instructions. 


How to Bake a Cake


Do your cakes always turn out black and burnt? Are you always apologising for stale and horrible tasting cakes? Is your mixture constantly lumpy and unappetising?


If this sounds like you, follow these easy techniques to wow your friends with an amazing victoria sponge.

What you need:

  • 200g flour
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 300g butter
  • 120g icing sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 100g jam
  • Mixing bowl
  • Oven set at 180 degrees centigrade
  • Whisk
  • Spoon
  • Cake tin – 18cm wide


Art - this afternoon we are going to have another look at our wonderful collages - thinking about all the techniques we have been learning about shape, overlapping and texture of our materials. This is will be tricky at home if you don't have different materials, glue or space to do art in and that is ok. If you have are able why not try and create a beautiful collage of your own at home, if not maybe find some other way to be creative and express yourself. 


You could try draw with Rob:

or using our sketching techniques to try some landscape work. 




English - Today we are thinking about the steps in our instructions on how to be a good friend. What order are you going to put your ingredients in? How much and when do your ingredients go in? 


Remember we want to be precise, clear and detailed. We don't want to end up with bad instructions like sandwich making video we watched at the start of our topic. 


Maths - Today we are going to see if we can use our wonderful addition knowledge to help us do some taking away with tens and ones. We have got so good at exchanging our tens and ones to bigger numbers if we have got too many in each column when adding and we can do the opposite when taking away. I have a had a go at one below - notice how I didn't have enough ones so I made some more by exchanging one ten into ten ones. 


Have a go at the questions below - remember to draw out your chart and your counters and cross them off when you are taking away. And always start with the ones. 


Science - We have been looking at plants this half term. Can you remember the 5 things plants need to grow 🚀🚀? 


Today we are looking at the life cycle of a plant - how it goes from a seed or a bulb to a fully grown plant. 


Watch the video here on the BBC website and it will show you how the plants change and how we go from one stage to the next.

You can even have a go at the quiz at the bottom to see if you were listening carefully. 


Now that we know what happens, use that to help you fill in the life cycle of a plant below. Use the different stages to show how a plant changes and develops from a seed to a sprout to a small plant to an adult (seed producing) plant. 



Maths - We were going have a look at our 3x tables again to day. Below is the link to an interactive number square can you: 

  • Splat all the numbers in the 3x table
  • Make the 3x table disappear and then say them out loud. 
  • Say the multiplication and division number sentence that go with that number


We normally do this on a Friday but a few people have asked for one more go before half term so we will be having a go at our times table challenge. There are the two sheets below can you have a go at the right one and get a grown up to time you for 5 minutes. 

English - today, you can make sure your instructions are as good as they could possibly be and then you can publish them. You might like to include some pictures, remember how they helped us when we were trying to build out origami rocking boat, and we would love to see your finished instructions!