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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 25th February


Look at the PowerPoint below, then have a go at creating your own poem based on the poem 'Don't' by Michael Rosen.


Watch the video from Oak Academy by clicking here.  Fill in the worksheet below, when it asks you to.


For an extra challenge, pick one of the worksheets below to have a go at. If you choose the triangles sheet, remember that a polygon is a 2D shape made from straight edges.


Read through the PowerPoint, and then have a go at the worksheet below.


PE for this week and next is a little different. We have a challenge for you, set up by Mr Bond.


Below are different activities, each one is worth some points, points mean prizes (winning). Once you have completed a task or a series of tasks then get your parents to send us an email. We will keep a tally and announce the winning Willow Class house team when we all return.   Hopefully there are a few things on there for everyone to enjoy, pictures are encouraged along with participating family members. 


Activities worth points:

20 min walk - 30 points

40 min walk - 60 points

1 hour walk - 100 points

2km run - 70 points

4km run - 100 points

Joe Wicks workout (or similar) - 100 points

Family star jump challenge – 100 star jumps between at least two family members - 100 points

Sport practice - 15 mins of practice at a chosen sport (football/netball/hockey/cricket/etc) - 50 points

Gymnastics challenge - 20 forward rolls across the week - 100 points

Cycle 5k - 50 points or 10k - 100 points

Cook a healthy snack for the family - 50 points

Help cook tea for the family - 100 points

Send in a cookery video of you making a meal for the family - 150 points

Play two games from the Youth Sports Trust website - 40 points

Win two games from the Youth Sports Trust website - 50 points

Play four games from the Youth Sports Trust website - 80 points

Win four games from the Youth Sports Trust website - 100 points

Skip for more than 1 minute - 40 points

Skip for more than 3 minutes - 100 points

Step up challenge - use the bottom step of your stairs to step on with both feet then off with both feet for 5 minutes - 70 points