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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 1st February


Our maths this week continues using the skill of multiplying by two digit numbers.  This is the same skill that we were using last week.  We will go over it in the Zoom session later on.

Today, you have more method practise to do before we move into problem solving tomorrow and Wednesday.

Chose a level that you feel confident to do.  There are just some just straight forward questions to do as well as some that are the same skill but in slightly different set ups.  The video links with the Developing and Expected level sheet.


We are starting a new unit of learning about persuasion - this is similar to what we did when we did our Call to Arms work back when school was normal.

We would really urge you to do the Mrs C unit on the link below.  This will help you gain the best understanding for this topic and give you some amazing vocabulary to use in your writing.  This unit will take us up to half term.   

We were amazed at the work that some of you did during the Mrs C videos.  It was so good that we gave out Headteacher Awards for some of the work that was emailed to us!

If watching Mrs C is not possible, then please do try the alternate unit.  This also focusses on persuasion skills.

This alternate English will last until half term.

Topic - Mental Wealth

This week is National Children’s Empathy week.

Empathy is a skill that allows you to understand how other people might be feeling.  This allows you to better understand them and how they are behaving.  This in turn, leads to resilience and self- esteem. 

Self-empathy is about you understanding your own feelings and getting them into perspective – something that is worrying you and making you feel sad might feel ENORMOUS but probably won’t last forever.

So for the next two days, we are taking a break from ‘normal’ subjects to focus on your mental health and to share some skills that we feel are essential.  We’ll be concentrating on you becoming a better version of yourself and also on empathy and resilience skills.


TASK 1 - Watch the link to the Well Being Work out on You Tube.  It is presented by The Art of Brilliant team who spend all their time helping people to be more brilliant!

TASK 2 - Test your powers of resilience by trying a tricky challenge.  You'll need to have self-empathy to understand that you might find this task frustrating and want to give up - but be kind to yourself, take a deep breath and persevere.  You might surprise yourself.

The task is to use a pack of cards - could be playing cards, Top Trumps etc to build a card tower like in the picture below.  How many layers can you add?  How many times will it collapse?  Please do send us some pictures to the Willow email address. 

Good luck!


Can you build a card tower?