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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Art- Henri Rousseau's jungles

Monday & Tuesday - Art 


Look carefully at the paintings of Henri Rousseau in the PowerPoint. Use the information and your own observations to learn about the painter's style. 


Plan your own jungle inspired art work. 


If you have paints or watercolours at home, you could use these. If not, you can use coloured pencils or felt tips. Or you could set up your own jungle scene using house or garden plants, then adding toy or drawn animals to your scene. 



Take a photograph of your work and email it to us so we can start a gallery on our class web page! 


Wednesday - Times Tables, PE & STEM Challenge


Please practise your times tables, either using multiplication olympics sheets or TT Rockstars. 


PE - please complete one of Joe Wicks' PE lessons or do something else active like a walk or bike ride. 


STEM challenge: 

Nature Treasure Box
Use an empty egg box as a treasure box to collect things from the garden.
Can you collect lots of things of the same colour?
What about different smells?
How many different things can you collect?

Thursday - RE 


For today's RE, you are learning about Kosher food. Please click here to watch a video and there is also a powerpoint below to help you. We would like you to create your own  Kosher Menu that a Jewish family could eat. This must include a starter, main course, dessert and drink(s). We have added a template below but if you would prefer to design your own that would be great.

Friday - PSHE/RSHE & French


For today's PSHE/RSHE lesson, please click here


For today's French lesson, please watch the presentation about pets and complete the matching activity below.