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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday - Science


In today's lesson, we will be recapping what we already know about plants, animals and habitats and learn about eco-systems. Click here to watch the Oak Academy video and complete the quiz at the end. 


Tuesday - Science 


Today, we will be finding out the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We will also classify them using a Venn diagram. Click here to access the Oak Academy video to help you learn. 


Wednesday - Times tables, PE & Art 

PE Challenge!

We have a challenge for you! Below are different activities, each one is worth some points. Keep track of the activities you do and after a week let us know how many points you have earned and we can add them to your house point total, you can add pictures of you doing them too!


Activities worth points:

20 min walk= 30 points

40 min walk=60 points

1 hour walk=100 points

100m sprint=70 points

1km long distance run=100 points

Joe Wickes workout=100 points

Family star jump challenge(100 star jumps between 2+ family members)= 100 points

Sport practice (15 mins practice a t a sport: netball, football, hockey, cricket)=50 points

Gymnastics challenge (20 forward rolls across the week)=100 points

Cycle 2km=50 points or 5km=100 points

Cook a healthy snack for the family=50 points

Help cook tea for the family=100 points

Make a cookery video of you making a meal for the family=150 points

Skip for 1 minute= 40 points

Skip for 3 minutes=100 points

Step up challenge (step up onto bottom step of your stairs with both feet then down for 5 mins=70 points


Please also practise your times tables - either with the Multiplication Olympics challenges or using TT Rockstars. 


For Art today, we would like you to have a look at the decorated envelopes below, linking with our letter writing this week. Can you come up with your own envelope design? What can you draw on your envelope to represent the year 2020? 

Thursday - RE


This term in Religious Education, we are looking in depth at what a Christian is and what it means to follow the religion of Christianity.

For your COLD TASK we would like you to create a poster demonstrating what you already know about Christianity. This might include objects that are important to Christians, their beliefs or any other ideas that you would like to include.

Remember, this is a COLD TASK so there is no need to do any research, just include what you already know.

Friday - RSHE & French


For today's RSHE lesson, click here to see a lesson about community care and complete the quiz at the end. 


For today's French lesson, we are recapping some of the work that we did before half term about family members. Click here for a link that will help you with practising your pronunciation of words and how to introduce your family members.