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In Darkling Wood

I recommend 'In Darkling Wood,' by Emma Carroll.


I have read some of her other books and I really liked them.  I asked my mum if I could get some other Emma Carroll books for my birthday.  I got 'Snow Sister,' 'Letters From the Lighthouse' and this one.  This book was my favourite.


I first heard about Emma Carroll when she came to our school to talk about her books.  She really inspired me and she even lives in Somerset. I have read most of her books and they are usually set in wars or hundreds of years ago.


This story is an adventure and a mystery, which are two of my favourite themes of writing.  The book is about a family and the main character is Alice.  She has a mum, a younger brother and a dad, who live in Devon with his girlfriend and new baby.


Alice is a young girl, under the age of 16.  She is caring and loves her family, especially her brother who has a poorly heart.


Alice's brother is rushed to hospital for an operation and Alice is sent to stay at her Grandma's house.Alice doesn't really know her, and finds her very strange.  At the bottom of the garden is Darkling Wood, which is a place full of magic, secrets and mystery.  In the woods, Alice meets Flo and they become good friends.


This book made me feel mixed emotions, but it does have a happy ending.


I recommend this book for girls 12 and under.  I hope you love it as much as I do.