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Wednesday 6th January 2021


Last term we thought a lot about modal verbs when we did our 'call to arms' speeches.  These are verbs that tell us 'degrees of possibility' - how likely it is that something might happen eg

The train WILL crash.  The train MIGHT crash.  The train SHOULD crash.

They all mean slightly different things.

Below is a PowerPoint with some more information and then some sheets of questions to do.  They start easy and get harder.  You do not need to do all of them, but you can if you wish.  Start at the hardest level you feel able to do.  The answers are on the last page - but no sneaky peaks!


Music - Music Appreciation

Listen to three pieces of music - your favourite song, a song your parents love and a piece of classical music.  Find three things that you like about each one!



This half term we will be finding out more about America.  This will link with our Space topic as we will be looking at Florida and the Space centre there.

Use the website above to look at a satellite image of Florida.  What can you guess about this state in America from just this image?  See if you can make 5 predictions about what the state might be like.  Remember - they are only predictions so they don't have to be totally accurate - just sensible and based on what you can see.