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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 30th April


We are nearly at the end of the book! Today, can you read from page 284 - 293 and answer these questions.

1. What animal does August use to represent himself? Do you think it is a good choice? Why? Why not? (2 marks)

2. On page 285, Mr Tushman says, "but teachers know more than kids think." What effect does this dialogue have on the reader? What does it tell us? (1 mark)

3. On page 292, Auggie says to his dad, "I'll be wanting the new Xbox when it comes out next month. And I'll definitely be wanting my own car in about six years, a red Porsche would be nice, and..." What does this dialogue tell us about August? (2 marks)



Can you fill in the missing spaces below?

Rev_ _ _ _ bly

Resp_ _ _ _ bly

Po_ _ _ bly

Hor _ _ _ _ _

Ter _ _ _ _ _

Vi_ _ _ly

Incr_ _ _bly

Sen_ _ _ _ _

For_ _ _ _ _

Leg_ _ _ _


Griffin Hubbard, Dolly Appleton and Matthew Merritt are leading the way this week, but there's still time to break into the top three! Good luck!



Today you will have a bit of choice over your maths. Please choose the area that you would like some more practice at - you can choose to do more than one activity if you would like! Warning - some of the activities are very tricky today and it is worth watching the videos that help to explain them. 


Activity one - log in to where you will be able to do a bit more work with angles. You can then choose a game or area that you would like to revise.


Activity two - Go to and have a go at any of the problem solving maths activities which have been set this week. These will be a really good revision of some areas we have not looked at for a while.


Activity three - This is the hardest activity! 

Visit, watch the video and then have a go at Lesson 4 - Problem Solving. These will really test you today, so you may want to ask an adult for some help



Today we are going to focus on some close-up, observational drawings. Again, I will give you a choice as to what you would like to draw.

Your first option is to take a photo or find a picture of an eye. Can you look really carefully at the shape of the eye - is it round? Which other details can you see within the eye? Are the eyelashes above and below the eye the same shape and length? Using pencil, focus carefully on detail and shape, sketching the eye. You can add colour after if you would like to.

Your second option is to look carefully at a hand. Artists often claim that drawing hands is one of the most difficult things to accurately sketch. If you want to challenge yourself, maybe draw hands from different members of your family. How are they different? Can you get the perspective drawn accurately?



Today we are going to read the poem again, this time with the punctuation in place. 

Practise reading this poem aloud. This time, focus on the following things:

  • Changing your volume where you think you should;
  • Changing the speed where you think you should;
  • Emphasising specific sounds where you think you should.


Then, I would like you to choose one of the poems below, or find one of your own. Come up with you own interpretation when reading the poem aloud, creating a performance. Use props or even musical instruments to make sounds, helping to perform your poem imaginatively. Focus on volume, speed and emphasis of certain words. 

Ask someone to record your performance so you can watch it back and decide where you did well and where you could improve next time. 

We would love to see your finished performance!