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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week beginning 17th January




We will be finishing off our posters today in English and also doing our spelling test - maybe someone at home could test you on your spellings? 


You could then have a go at clue one and clue two of the below Stone Age SPAG challenge. 

There are some maths challenges above for you to have a go at relating to multiplcation. 





We are starting to do some work around the book Stone Age Boy this half term. This is the first sentence stacking lesson. We have attached a grid below to help you a little bit as it will be trickier to do this on your own than in class! In the model sentence, the bold words are what you need to change for your own choice. Remember that you can choose to deepen the moment at any time! 


Learning Chunk 1: this book is about an adventure - gather some adjectives that we could use to describe the adventure - e.g. amazing, incredible. Model sentence: An astonishing thing once happened to me. 


Learning Chunk 2: can you sort the following verbs into ones that would be appropriate for someone in the woods at the start of the adventure? wandering, roaming, walking, rambling, travelling, strolling, stomping, racing

Model sentence: Wandering in the woods one day, I suddenly changed direction. 


Learning Chunk 3: collect words for tripped - e.g. stumbled, slipped, tumbled. Your character is going to fall and we are going to choose a word to repeat to show that they have fallen a long way - gather some words that you could use - e.g. down, further, deeper. Teacher model: I tripped and found myself falling down, down, down





This is the second day of our sentence stacking. The bold sections of the sentences are what you need to change. 


Learning chunk 1: the character has fallen into a cave - we are collecting noticing and touching words to show what we might be able to see/feel - there are a few on the template below to start you off. Model sentence: When I awoke, I was in a dark, damp place. 


Learning chunk 2: the character can see out of the cave - we are going to collect some prepositions (words that show the position of something) e.g. over, above, next to, near, across. We are also going to gather what the character might be able to see in the distance - e.g. daylight, rising sun, green fields. We are then going to combine our prepositions and what we can see to create our next sentence. Teacher model: I could see a patchwork of green fields, glistening on the horizon


Learning chunk 3: the character is now in the field - how might be be feeling? He will be feeling lost. We are going to collect adverbs of intensity - e.g. really, extremely, utterly. Please sort these in order of intensity - which do you think shows most that he is lost - really lost, utterly lost, extremely lost? We are also going to collect synonyms (words that mean the same) for disappear - e.g. vanish, fade. Provided sentence: I stumbled towards it. Teacher model: I realised I was lost. Completely lost. Completely, utterly lost. I did not know how to solve this problem or make the problem disappear. What was the solution? 


Have a go at matching the pairs on the activity above. You will need to work out each multiplication - you can do this by drawing out the pictures/counters or using short multiplication. 

Guided Reading

Please read The Stone Artist above - you need to scroll down and find the piece of writing with 3 stars at the bottom. Then please answer the following questions: 


V - what does it mean by: 

-icy wastelands

-magnificent beasts

-pack hunters

-night creatures



-Fire Man had his hands above his head. trying to make them look like antlers. What animal was he trying to act like? 

-Why had Fire Man been in the icy wastelands? 

-What did the old woman come to give to Red Fingers? 



Please watch the video and complete the quiz on Oak Academy to find out about how fossils are formed. 





We are on sentence stacking lesson 3 today. Remember that you need to change anything in the model sentences that is bold and there is a template below to help get you started. 


Learning chunk 1: the character is going to unexpectedly see someone unknown walking towards him, so first we are going to collect adverbials to show this - e.g. suddenly, all of a sudden, walking towards me. We are then going to think of other words for "someone" to show that your character does not know who is walking towards him. Model sentence - All of a sudden, I saw someone - a girl? 


Learning chunk 2: look at the image attached below of stone age clothing. What do you think the girl might have looked like? e.g. she might have had shaggy/messy hair, brown tunic, deer skin trousers, no shoes, necklace made of bones etc. Look at the colour chart of 'browns' and pick the ones that you might like to use - can you think of any other 'brown' words? Provided sentence: She didn't look like any of the girls I knew. Model sentence - She wore a sandy-coloured tunic and her long, blonde hair was knotted and wild


Learning chunk 3: Look at the images of the two children (below). What might the two characters say to each other? e.g. what is your name, who are you, why are we here? We are going to use some direct speech - remember punctuation! Look at the coloured punctuation in the model sentence to remind you. Model sentence: "Hello, I'm Robert," I managed. "What's your name?"

Then someone made a noise that sounded like, "Om." 



Today we are going to be using our short multiplication method to solve some challenges. Use a multiplication square if you need to to help with those trickier times tables. First though a starter activity to get our brain working. 



We continue our look into the Stone Age. Concentrating on the settlements and villages they built. Look at the information on the BBC website here and watch the video. We are looking at the things archeologists have found to help us understand the lives of Stone Age people. 


We are then going to make a poster on the settlement of Skara Brae, an important one in the north of Scotland. Which told historians so much about the Stone Age. Can you use the the websites below to find out information and facts about Skara Brae.






Today in English is an experience day. We are going to be looking at the first 5 images on the powerpoint and coming up with some "noticing" and "touching" words to describe them. Then we will be having a go at some cave paintings in the style of the last 2 images on the powerpoint. Please send us a picture of anything you create - we would love to see! 



We are continuing to look at our multiplication today - a short lesson on using our new method to solve some word problems. 




We are continuing to look at the story of the first disciples - you can watch a little video showing the story here


Our task today is to have a think about the disciples and what would Jesus be looking for in a disciple. Can you make a poster with a list of all the things you think would be important for Jesus when he was picking a new disciple. Like a job description for the job of disciple.