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Wednesday 13th January

Please practise counting on and back in 2s, 5s, 10s (and 3s if you are Year 2). 

Year 1 Maths

LQ: How can knowing bonds to 10 help us find bonds to 20? 

Today we are using our number bonds to 10 to help us find pairs to 20. 

Year 2 Maths 

This week, we are continuing with our topic of money. We will be looking at making amounts, comparing, finding the total/difference and finding change. 


Today we are finding the total of different amounts of money. 


You can use coins or any other resources at home to help you add amounts together.  


LQ: How well can I explore the main moods in the story?  

In this lesson, we will explore the different moods in the story of the 'The Magic Paintbrush' using drama.



Please practise this week's spellings by logging on to Spelling Shed. If you have any issues logging in please email me 

Year 1 Phonics

This will be taught during our zoom lesson. If you can't make it, please use the information below to do the lesson in your own time.


Revisit - Flashcards speed trials (all phases)

            - Reading Robot (phase 5)


Teach - Alternative spelling of /r/ - We can use 'wr' to make the same sound.


Blending for reading - wrap    wrong    wrote


Segmenting for spelling - write    wren    wrench

Use the 'Sentences Phase 5c' game (week 17 /r/).


Practise/Apply - Use the wr activity (below). Find the missing letters and words.  Challenge: Write your own sentences using some of the wr words.

Year 2 Phonics 

Read and practise writing two Phase 5C sentences on Phonics Play. 


Recap: Yesterday's spelling rule. 

What happens to shape and smile when we add ing and ed? 


Look at today's words: 

cry, try, worry, hurry, study

Add ing to the words. Has the spelling of the root word changed? 

But what happens when we add ed?  We change the y to an i

The children will add suffixes to the listed verbs. 


Change sentence from the present to the past tense. 


I try very hard to balance on my bike, but I worry I might fall off. 


I hurry in the mornings, so that I am not late for school.


Note: There are lots of irrgular past tense verbs too!