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Thursday 17th March


We are continuing with our Icarus writing unit. Today is a sentence stacking day so you will need to split your paper into a 'thinking side' and a 'writing side'. We are going to be writing sentences to describe Icarus and Daedalus flying away from the tower. 



Learning chunk 1 -Time adverbial 

  • Gather ideas for adverbials to show a short period of time passing e.g. - After a while, later that afternoon, hours later, after some time, time ticked on.
  • Think back to the video we watched of birds flying during our feather experience day. Then, gather verbs to show how birds move through the air e.g. - wheeling, looping, swerving, gliding, turning, diving, circling. 


Learning chunk 2 - Semi-colon (punctuation) and prepositions

  • Noticing lens - Collect a list of everything that Daedalus might see as he looks down e.g. - sea, endless water, glass-like surface of the sea, reflecting light, no land, cresting waves, nobody for miles around.


Learning chunk 3 -  Ellipse (punctuation)

  • Collect phrases to suggest that something could go wrong e.g. - If they fell now... If the wings weren't securely fitted... If the feathers were to fall... If the wax stopped sticking...


Learning chunk 1 - Teacher model: Half an hour later, Icarus was still swooping around the sky, flying loop the loops. 


Learning chunk 2 - Teacher model: Daedalus risked a look down. They were in the middle of the sea; there was no land in sight. 


Learning chunk 3 - Teacher model: If anything went wrong now... 


Today, we are learning how to multiply a non-unit fraction by an integer (whole number). Click here to watch a video lesson and then have a go at the questions attached below. smiley