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Thursday 11th February


Today we are revisiting our knowledge of grouping. This will support our knowledge of Year 2 division. 

How can you tell if groups are equal? How can you represent equal groups? 

Do all numbers divide into equal groups of 2? Can you check using objects at home? 

Make equal groups - grouping (recap)

Make equal groups - grouping (recap)" by White Rose Maths.

Maths Challenges

If you would like to challenge yourself, there are some great questions below that involve using your reasoning and problem solving skills. You could answer one/two of these on paper or in your home learning exercise book. smiley


Please practise this week's spelling on Spelling Shed. 




Re-read yesterday's words: metal, petal, sandal, total, plural, animal, hospital, capital


il, nostril, pupil 

il making the l sound. 



evil, basil, peril, tonsils, pupil, fossil, lentil, nostril


Sort the words into the correct columns: 

medal   hospital    nostril   middle   horrible   fossil   basil   pedal  sandal  little apple    bottle animal 


Can they remember any more to add to the lists? 



Write sentences that need different types of punctuation such as exclamation marks, question marks or speech marks. 




See Monday.