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Homework set on Wednesday 4th January 2023

English Homework

Spellings - please continue to practise your spellings on Spelling Shed or any way that you learn them best.  The weekly tests will continue.


We have a brilliant book for you this term - Wonder by R J Palacio.

You may have read it already or you may have read other books she has written.  You might have even seen the film adaptation.

This week we would like you to read the first two chapters - this is only pages 3-5!!!

There are some questions for you to answer in your blue books please.

Just like last term, you can read it to yourself, you can read it with someone or someone can read it to you.  It's your comprehension skills that you are practising.

Grammar Homework

We will have given you a copy of the sheet in class, but if you need to print another copy, there is one below.

Bit different this week - this is to help you revise different types of words.  You can make the sheet as lovely as you like by colouring the whole of each shape in or you can just put a dot of colour on each box - as long as we can see your answer clearly.

Be aware - some words can be more than one class depending how you use them

 eg light

verb - light the fire, adjective - light blue, noun - turn the light on

When this happens - make a choice as to which word class you are going  for.

There is also a knowledge organiser below to help you remember the definitions of each word class if you get stuck.


Maths Homework

Some revision of basic skills this week.  You can work on the sheet we have given you but you may find that you need to write out some of the questions again to give yourself some extra working out space.  You can use the back of the sheet for this or a separate piece of paper.

All the divisions can be done using 'bus stop' method.

Sheet and answers are below.