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Homework set on 16th November

Maths Homework:

Number, Ratio and Algebra: pg 7 Fractions!

Don't panic! The questions are based on the skills we have used in class this week.  Remember to use the help sheets we have had in class this week - you can find them below.

There is also a link to the teaching video from White Rose (Hopefully this won't bring back memories of lockdown... When she says to pause the video to have a go at the questions on the sheets, you don't need to as you don't have the sheet she is talking about.  The video is just there in case you need some reminders.

English Homework:

Spelling:  Please continue to practise on Spelling Shed (or on a piece of paper!)

Punctuation Book: pg 10 and 11 - Mixed Practice

This is about all that we have covered in this book so far. Please do look back at the other pages to remind yourself of the skills.

Reading:  Activities based on Chapter 14 of Holes