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Homework to be handed in on 15/12

Spellings - List 12

These spellings will be on Spelling Shed until 15/12 however if we don't manage to fit the test in during the last week of term, we WILL have the first week back so keep practising!

Maths Homework

Arithmetic Book pg 10,11, 12 - times tables and factors and multiples. (There is a reminder about what these are on the homework webpage from 24/11)


English Homework

Punctuation Book - pg 13 - Apostrophes for possession.  An apostrophe can be used to show when something 'belongs' to something else.  Generally the apostrophe goes between the end of the noun and the 's' eg the bike's tyre was flat.  

If the word is plural, it will go after the plural noun eg the horses' oats were munched in seconds.  More than one horse ate the oats!

The children's coats were in the floor.  The noun is children so the apostrophe comes after that noun.

Grammar Book - pg 10 - verbs.  Remember verbs show you that an action is being done.  


Reading Homework

A poem - A Visit from St Nicholas' by Clement Clarke Moore

1) I flew like a flash (line 11)

What does this phrase suggest about how the narrator moved?

2) How do you think the narrator feels when he sees St Nicholas?  Explain your answer using evidence from the text.

3) Which birds are the reindeer compared to?

4) Find and Copy two words that tell you how St Nicholas communicates with his reindeer.

5) What does the word mount mena in line 26?  Chose one answer from the list below:

frame?   pile?   climb?   grow?

6) What does St Nicholas have in his sleigh?

7) Read each statement and say whether it is true or false. (You don't need to write the statements in your book - just write T or F)

- The house is still before St Nicholas arrives.

- St Nicholas arrives before the children are in bed.

- The narrator sees St Nicholas before he hears him.

- The narrator hears the names of all the reindeer.