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Monday 15th June


Please visit the White Rose Maths website and look at 'Summer Term - week 8' for this week's work. Today, we are looking at lesson 1, which is about solving 2-step equations. 

Quick SPaG





Do you like films/books about spies? There are some great ones about like Alex Rider, Johnny English, Jane Blond, Spy Kids and, of course, James Bond - 007. Which is your favourite? One reason lots of people enjoy them is finding out about the incredible gadgets they use on their missions. 


★ Let's start by having some spy fun! Can you crack these spy codes to reveal the hidden messages? 

★ Now find out your own spy name! 

Introduction - Persuasive Writing 

During the next two weeks, we are going to creating a state-of-the-art gadget for a spy, or one for school, or even one to use around your house. We are going to be persuading our reader to buy one, a bit like an advert you might get on TV, in a magazine or even on the side of a bus! 


Model text for persuasion 

Any good unit starts with a WAGOLL and here is outs! It is a good example of a persuasive text, which we can use as a starting point to write our own advert. Have a read below or listen here.


The Multi-Function Mobile Phone 
Are you a spy interested in the latest, state-of-the-art gadgets? If so, you will need the new Multi-Function Mobile Phone. Don’t be the only spy left stranded on your next mission unable to contact those back home. 


The Multi-Function Mobile Phone is the ideal phone for all spies as it boasts a host of amazing features. Firstly, it has worldwide access so that you can always be in contact with HQ. Additionally, it has a cloaking mode allowing you to make untraceable calls. 
This ideal mobile phone has the added bonus of a hidden tranquillizer dart that can be fired through the aerial. It is guaranteed to leave your enemies stunned (though with no serious after effects). A further feature is that the phone is made from titanium steel; it is unbreakable, working both underwater and in outer space! 

Perhaps the most essential reason for purchasing this ‘must-have’ phone is that it can only be used by the owner. Access to the phone is restricted using a Fingerprint Recognition Scanner (or F.R.S. for short). Your secret missions and evidence will be safe using this phone as it is simply impossible to hack into. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to what James Bond – who is known by his code number 007 – has to say about this must-have phone: “I thought I had every gadget I required until Q invented the magnificent Multi-Function Mobile Phone. Now I wouldn’t possibly attempt a mission without it.” 

If that weren’t enough, the Multi-Function Mobile Phone comes complete with a wireless charger and free leather case. Make sure you don’t miss out: buy today by visiting!  


Activity 1: Vocabulary 

Re-read the Multi-Function Mobile Phone. The words below are from the WAGOLL. Please write down a definition and a synonym (a word that means the same or similar). If you are stuck, you could ask someone at home for help or use a dictionary/the internet. 

★ You could magpie some of these words and use them in your own writing later on. 


Below, you will find a PowerPoint presentation to revise some of the places around the town that you've done with Mr Bond. There is also a word mat, as some of the places aren't in the presentation. Some of the words have (m) or (f) after them - remember that some French words are masculine (and use le/un) and some are feminine (and use la/une. There might also be a (pl) - this means plural. Once you are feeling confident with these new words, have a go at the word search and see if you can find them all!