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Mr Bottomley's Reading Groups

These reading questions are due to be completed during the week beginning Monday 23rd March.

You can complete them in your reading journal or your exercise book. I will post answers to the questions at the end of the week.


Read the section called California’s Unlikely Warriors.


1. How long ago did the plague of scale insects attack in America?

 (1 mark)


2. What did the scale insects attack?

(1 mark)


3. The scale insects sound like an army.

Find and copy two words in the first two paragraphs that support this idea.

 (2 marks)


4. It was important to find a solution to the plague of insects quickly. Explain why.

(1 mark)


5. Before ladybirds were introduced, how did the fruit growers try to solve the problem of scale insects?

(1 mark)