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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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There are many stories that have trolls in them.  Trolls, like dragons, giants and unicorns, have been talked and written about for hundreds of years. One very well-known story, I am sure you will know, is about a very angry troll that tried to stop goats going over a bridge to feed on the rich, green grass.


But is this what all trolls are really like?


The information report that you can find below has been written by Professor Folklore, an expert on Trolls, from the University of Myths and Legends.


Professor Folklore needs other experts to write more about trolls so that the ‘truth’ can be shared across the world. He wondered whether over the next couple of weeks, you could also become an expert on trolls to set the record straight and not let trolls just be known as nasty, mean creatures?


Each day I will set a new challenge, so that we can work towards creating more research for Professor Folklore.  This week, we will be reminding ourselves about the features of report writing.  Next week, you will get to write your report.

Task 1


Read the report about Trolls. 


Task 2


Below, you will find some language taken from the text.  For each word, write the definition.  If you are unsure, use a dictionary to help.

Troll Report

What do these words mean?