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Monday 30th March


Read page 68 to 80 and answer the questions below. 

1. Why is Halloween a positive thing for August? (2 marks)

2. List all the hyphenated words/phrases you can find between p68-80. Pick one and explain why it is hyphenated. (2 marks)



This week we will be focusing on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Today, we have an activity which covers most of the different areas. At the bottom of this page, I've attached the recording sheet, but it might be easier to write your answers out in your pink exercise book if you don't have a printer. I also have included the answers, but make sure you answer all of the questions before you check! Good luck!



This week was due to be our assessment week, so we will begin this week with a few tasks to assess what we have learnt this year and recap our previous learning. On MyMaths you will find an arithmetic activity to complete. I would advise working out the questions in your book, as it will be easier to do than on the computer. You can then type your answers in. If you find any areas difficult, remember you can access and revise these in the MyMaths library.



At 9am each morning this week, Joe Wicks will be streaming a PE session to keep us all active and moving. It will be a great way to start your day and I am sure your family would love to join in too! If you were having a lie-in, then you will be able to find the session on Joe Wicks' youtube channel and join in at any point!

You can find them here:



Your spellings for this week are now available. Practise these, either on Spelling Shed or by writing them out on a piece of paper.