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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Homework to be handed in on 11th February

Spellings - List 17

Maths: Arithmetic Book, p 16 and 17

This week is a practise of long multiplication.  Remember to add the zero when multiplying the 10s.  Keep your place value columns in line and writing neat, so you don't make frustrating mistakes. laugh


English: Punctuation Book, p 16 and 17

Have a practise at using inverted commas correctly.  This is a big focus in your independent story next week. 


Reading: Set A, Test 5

1. With the blue above, and blue below

What two things does the word blue refer to in this line?


2. Which animal is the narrator compared to?


3. Where does the narrator say they are born?


4. I've liv'd, scince then, in calm and strife,

What does the word strife mean in this line? 

Conflict       Happiness      Storms      Sadness


5. How old is the narrator?


6.  One of the main ideas of the poem is that the sea is a living thing.  Using evidence from the text, explain two ways the poet suggests this.  (3 Marks)