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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Friday 5th February

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm. We are going to be sharing our writing from our English task, as well as looking at our War Horse questions and talking through our PSHE. If you can join us for Zoom please do. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.



Today we would like you to read chapter 20 and have a go at answering the questions below.


  1. What did Joey mean when he said ‘There was an air of determined conspiracy’?
  2. Why were the horses jumpy the next morning?  
  3. Why was Sergeant Thunder passing a small tin box around among the men?
  4. Whose idea was it to try and bid for Joey at the auction?  
  5. How do you think Joey is feeling before the auction? Describe in detail
  6. Why did Albert whisper the words “Oh God, no”? 
  7. Who outbid the butcher of Cambrai?
  8. How did the old man warn the butcher?
  9. Why did the auctioneer delay in bringing down his hammer?


(40 minutes)



Today we will be writing our Non-Chronological Report on your chosen type of giant. 

You need to ensure you use your plan to help you structure your writing, as well as looking back at your report about pandas from last week. Ensure you include all of the facts and information you have gathered from Dr Joger as well as using topic vocabulary so that you sound like an expert. You can also use formal conjunctions to support this. 

The session today will be very open to you, as many of us will have chosen different paragraphs to include. We don't expect you will completely finish your report today, don't panic as we will give you some time on Monday to finish them off and edit them carefully, we will then ask you to email in your NC Reports. 

We will look forward to hearing some of these reports during our Zoom call later on.


(60 minutes)



Today in maths we are going to be playing around with our percentage knowledge, looking at how percentages link to one another and how we can work backwards when finding percentages of amounts. So as we haven't watched a video in a couple of days here is the link to the white rose people explaining your task for today. 


Below is the sheet with some questions for you to have a go at. This isnt always easy to see, so remember if 20% of a number is 4 then you need 5 lots of that number to get 100%. 

20% x 5 = 100%

so if 20% of a number is 4 then 4 x 5 which = 20 would get me 100%. 


Have a go at the sheet below and any problems ask on zoom or send us a message on the class email. 



Parental supervision/discussion may be needed with this activity.


Typically, the lessons we cover since Christmas and the ones we will cover in the next few weeks are really important but also quite sensitive. They need a high level of maturity and, for some, will mean learning a lot about things they never previously knew anything about. 


As part of our 'Keeping Myself Safe' unit, we look at the effects lots of things have on our body: exercise, food, our environment and illegal substances. We talk about why certain things are illegal, what that means and how it might affect our bodies. 


The activity I would like you to have a go at is below: there is a list of drugs and a small bit of information about what they do to our bodies. There is also a three-circle Venn diagram on an attached sheet (or you can draw your own) which we would like you to put in the examples given and add any of your own you can think of. This is where you might need to have a discussion with a grown up. 


We will of course cover these important issues back in school along with others, but this is all about you thinking about keeping yourself safe and what you are putting in your body and the effect that might have. 


(45 minutes)

Once you have completed the first PSHE task, we are going to take a moment to think and reflect. 

It is very easy at the moment to pay more attention to all the negatives that surround us in the media and in our day-to-day lives. But feeling negative or positive can easily become a habit and begin to affect our everyday moods, so it is important we take time to stop and focus on some of the things that we are lucky to have. It is a lot easier to notice and focus on the negatives, so for this activity we are only going to focus on the positives we have in our lives. 

Have a look at the image below:

I would like you to think about all of the positive things that we have or do. For example, you might say 'I have people around me that I love and trust,' or 'I am a good friend and look out for others.'

Try to come up with 2 or 3 examples in each shape. 


(20 minutes)

If you enjoyed this activity and would like to do a few more tasks focussed around mindfulness or wellbeing, there are a selection of activities available within our 'In case you finish' section or by clicking here.
If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.